The force Awakens

I went to see this on the opening night having read nothing about the film, seen any spoilers or heard about any leaks etc. I love starwars, have done ever since I first saw ‘a new hope’ one Xmas,  so…  I’m naturally biast towards a galaxy far far away however I do have expectations. I personally didn’t mind the first three films, episode 1-3, ok so Binks was annoying but it didn’t put me off. I liked alot of what was done however that’s not for this post.

So standing in the long queue the first bomb was dropped on me, my buddy’s inform me that Disney have wiped out the expanded universe, wow wasn’t expecting that. That put a sour taste on procedings straight off the bat. Kylo Wren took my cinema ticket and we settled down (after a string of advertising and trailers), 2 hours past and the film was over.

My overriding first feelings were that it was…  good but, and there was a but, something wasn’t quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on it until I got home, the film seemed like a greatest hits of starwars. This isn’t a bad thing, like I say the film was good, just that I had seen it all before in the original stories. Attack on the death star, space port on a dusty rock, I am your father/son arc, planet destroying, cantina scene, yoda/maz. There are a few more but you get the picture.

It’s not a negative just something I noticed, I liked the film alot, who wouldn’t, it’s starwars and done very well (no lens flare in sight), I just couldn’t help but notice the similarities. It seemed very safe,  safe is good sometimes though and this was.

One other point I found a bit odd (and this is a spoiler if you haven’t seen it) is how weak Kylo seems against his counterpart. He has obviously had training with Luke and Snoke of some sort for a few years but a fledgling force user over powers him.

Poe and Rey were great characters, they made the film for me, her performance in particular throughout the movie was solid. Leia on the other hand was a bit of a shock, you will know what I mean when you see it.

It’s definitely a pay to watch at cinema and I’m going to go again to digest it.


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