The hunt for the perfect burger

I was sitting down at a local eatery thumbing through the menu, it’s a rainy/cold day and I needed some good comfort food. “Il have the burger please”

Turns out it was a nice home-made patty, a double I might add,  so I’m now nice and full. Reflecting on if I should have gone for the larger option it reminded me of the perfect burger.. And yes I had found it but only the once, this was at Download festival a few years back. It was so good,  I must have piled £25 into the stall owners genius hands. My mates did the same thing so he was definitely antly up on his profits that weekend. My long lasting memory is swaying arm in arm with my buddy, burger in the other hand singing ‘always look on the bright side of life’ after an ultimate ‘early days’ show from Iron Maiden.

A few months later I attempted to recreate that one true king of burgers. As I remembered it consisted of a sweet brioche bun, coleslaw, pork patty… and well that was it. One burnt griddle and smokey kitchen later it was ready, taste test time!  Unfortunately for me it didn’t taste the same, it was good but not the same. Maybe it was the alcohol I’d consumed or the euphoric state only a festival can deliver but this was just a… Tribute.. A few more attempts and a few more failures I have admitted defeat. I now know how Mr Jack Black and Kyle Glass felt back in 2002.

Heres to you Download and your fabulous burger!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. stevenger says:

    When you said reviews, I was not expecting this. Love it!


  2. retrolechuck says:

    Nice review mate, making me hungry! 🙂


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