The Vampire Strikes Back – Die Krupps

The most recent Die Krupps album V – Metal Machine Music (of which more another time) has this new recording of a song which Die Krupps originally wrote for the Wing Commander Prophecy OST. Tellingly it’s one of the better/catchier/more memorable songs on the new album.


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  1. Da22 says:

    Sounds like electro Ramstein on first listen, which is a good thing. Do you like it?


  2. stevenger says:

    Yeah, definitely. There’s been some sort of stripping down of their sound though, probably to make room for the metal guitars which are back for this album. Something’s off. Bit like how “…And Justice For All” doesn’t sound as good as those before or after it (remasters have probably fixed that, ha!)


  3. Da22 says:

    … But I like justice for all… 😄


  4. retrolechuck says:

    NIce, im liking the tune Stevenger. Any more heads up from Die Krupps would be cool to read about


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