Under The Radar – January 2016

In this first post of under the radar, i will highlighting some games that may have slipped under the under the radar for gamers out there.  I will try and use my own experience on the games chosen and cover as many formats as possible without any spoilers.  OK without further rambling on lets get to it!


Speedball 2100 on Sony PlayStation (PS1)


Speedball 2100 may not have been as well received as the classic Speedball 2 but this is still a fun fast paced 2 player game for the PS1.  Made by the Bitmap Brothers and released in 2000, the game has been updated to fit with the PS1 era of graphics and style but still plays very similar to the old games.  The AI is sharp and will give you a good challenge in one player-mode.  One down side to the game is the loading time between matches, an issue that does occur on early CD based gaming systems.  Overall though, give it a go and have fun!


Lost In Blue on Nintendo DS


Made by Konami and released on the DS in 2005 Lost in Blue is a great open world game in which two survivors of wake up on a tropical island.  The idea of the game is to use the natural resources  found around the island to survive and ultimately find a way off home.  A great use of the touch screen and  nice graphics make this game an underrated classic in my eyes.  Go pick it up and have a go


Project Zero on Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)


Known as Fatal Frame in Japan, this Techmo game is one for the survival horror fans.  In the vein of Silent Hill rather than Resident Evil, Project Zero is a game that makes you feel helpless, roaming around a house with only a camera for defence in search of your lost brother.  Of course without spoiling too much there will be things in the house with you….horrible tormented souls! Yes this game will scare you a lot! You will never forget playing the opening few minuets of the game trust me!  Go and play this game if you like a fright!


Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins on Sony PSP


A fantastic update to the classic Ghosts N Goblins game released by Capcom in 2006.   The game now has new and updated graphics and new levels added to make the game even more fun.  New weapons and special powered up armour has also been added allowing you to choose how to take on the oncoming enemies.  If you have played Ghosts N Goblins before you will know how tough the game is, with this version of the game it offers you three game modes from Novice, Standard and Ultimate. Highly recommended game for your portable PlayStation console, if you like platformers with an edge, this is for you.


Toki – Going Ape Spit on Sega Mega Drive (SMD)


Oh yes, they went there with the name!  But to be fair Toki does have a nasty habit of spitting what i can only guess are seeds (fingers crossed it only seeds) at the various enemies standing in the path of rescuing his girlfriend.  Yes its that classic story of evil doctor meets a couple in love, doctor kid naps female (in this case Wanda) and then turns male into an ape.  Yes a true classic story.  On the upside, Toki is a great little platformer in which the player must navigate through well designed levels, fight bosses at the end of each stage and take on as many beasts as possibly by spitting at therm.  Give it a try, its a fun game


Quartet on Sega Master System (SMS)


“Space colony Number Nine is being threatened by an invasion of the most dangerous kind.  Alien Attack”  Well you heard the cry for help, go help space colony number nine!!!, OK so the cover art and  mission brief doesn’t really tingle your taste buds and make you want to play this game but Quartet is a surprisingly fun little game released by Sega in 1987.  For one or two players, you must work your way through the level by jumping or flying depending on what power ups you pick up and find a way of unlocking the exit door.  With a great arcade feel and timing and skill needed i recommend this game to anyone that has a little patience and a knack for taking down tough bosses.  A great underrated platform shooter

Well that rounds up January’s Under the Radar.  I will try and feature as many platforms as possible and from my own collection to give the best representation i can of the game.  I hope some of these games find there way on your “to play list” at some point in the future.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Da22 says:

    Quartet sounds interesting and has that lovely SMS look about it. A retro gaming date at yours is in order.


  2. stevenger says:

    Meant to get round to trying Fatal Frame/Proj. Zero, as I’d seen it described as “like Resi, but armed only with a camera”. Might have to pinch yours or check the second-hand racks. Always good to hear which remakes/updates are actually worthwhile too.


    1. retrolechuck says:

      Sure next pub outting or retro night tournament I’ll bring it along 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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