Netflix new arrival…

Cool beans,  cool cool cool beans!

After briefly discussing what to watch last night with my dearly beloved, it came apparent we wanted different things to gork at. I wanted to carry on with the brilliant Jessica Jones but my wife wanted something more light hearted. We had nothing pre recorded, so on to Netflix I went and to my joyous suprise season 2 of… Brooklyn Nine-Nine was in the new releases… YESS!!

The first season was in my list of top TV from last year (saw it as a late comer), hilariously stupid in all the correct ways!

So I immediately ingested 3 episodes through my peepers and couldn’t have been happier, in fact at the end of each episode I had a stupid grin on my face just like Jack Peralta.

So get this queued up on your TV list because it’s a MUST and if you haven’t seen season 1,get on it now 😃





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