Movie moment

I’m sure it’s not just me but on the drive home from work tonight I had what I like to call a movie moment. It’s when the song on the stereo exactly compliments what’s happening in the real world and feels like it could easily be a scene from a movie.

Picture the scene, it’s dark, I’m in the city so there’s lots of oncoming traffic, the lights bouncing off the cars and the drop shadow of the street lights give you that nice enclosed setting. To my right is a park in near darkness however I can see more traffic through the trees in the adjacent Road which joins the one I’m on up ahead,  about 300 yards. The song by Fleetwood Mac named songbird gently starts to introduce itself through my speakers and in the distance through the dimly lit park I can see the blue flashing lights or an ambulance. As the volume increases of the track so does the ambulance siren, it then comes around the corner to join my road heading towards me. Everything goes into slow motion and I realise I’m having that ‘movie moment’, it could quite easily fit the ending scene of a film or crime thriller.

Anyone else had these moments  or should I check into the local asylum?

Fleetwood Mac Songbird


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  1. retrolechuck says:

    Yeah man I was in this science experiment once where I had to stand in a huge metal pod. There was another pod next to me in which I was supposed to be transported to. Just as the doors starting closing on both pods, the radio started playing the jaws theme and I noticed a fly hurtling towards the other pod!!!! And the next thing I knew I has half….. Oh no that was a dream!! 😉
    On a serious note though I have them feelings when I’m walking with headphones on, generally when it starts getting dark on the way home from work. The music adds to the whole experience

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    1. Da22 says:

      Lol OK Jeff Goldblum


  2. stevenger says:

    Not experienced anything as synchronised as you describe, but seconding the headphones and (fast) walking when it all comes together.

    Then there’s the dissociative/sleep-paralysis thing that happens once in a very blue moon when you can *feel* the walls are much further away as you’re just on the verge of sleep. I tend to visualise the extra space as being like the Holodeck from TNG, with my bed in the middle. Couple of other spatial (mis-)perception ones come to mind, had briefly contemplated putting something up about my rubbish superpower to temporarily re-orient my brain into thinking e.g. a W/E street is actually N/S.

    Interesting post!


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