A legend

Like many I woke today to read the awful news that David Bowie had sadly passed away.

Now I will confess to not being the biggest fan however my day as a consequence has been worse than it would have. Even though I’m not his greatest fan I do have a few albums, know alot of his songs and have seen films/shows etc starring the man. With all this said it has been a bit of a shock to me with how much it’s affected my mood.  Plenty of stars through my childhood and adult life have passed away but I can only think of one other (immediate family excluded) that has made me truly sad. (That person is Freddie Mercury)

Maybe it’s the amount of my life I have been aware of him or the fact that I’m a bigger fan subconsciously than I knew.  It’s quite mad to think that I never met him but he has made this impact on me. Is this the true way in which you distinguish true genius and super stars from your normal celebrity counterparts?

I do know that the world is a little darker and worse off for this inevitable day but as a friend mentioned to me,  be glad you were alive to know such a man. I for one will be celebrating the man with a beer tonight.


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