I struggle with what to buy myself, I pretty much have everything I need or I can’t make the time to use what I have. In this instance though I had some Xmas money itching to be spent. After the departure of the great David Bowie I set about listening to his albums on my ipod however my daughter had just gone to bed so naturally I plugged my headphones in. These things are a good 8 years old and sounded OK to my ears plus I was just using Spotify so quality wasn’t that great.

Well this lunchtime while looking on Hot UK deals I came across these nice Sony headphones for £30 at Argos.  Quickly Googling some reviews I realised this was a good deal. They got praised positively and were a fair bit cheaper than on release(£149.99).

So after work I picked them up and returned home, did my usual chores etc. I now finally get to sit down and test them out. As I type I’m listening to 2nd law by Muse and I must say these headphones are fantastic. The sound is not overly bass heavy or on the other end not really bright,just smack in the middle. Switching out my old headphones to the new, it’s unbelievable the difference these make. For £30 I couldn’t be happier, the build quality is excellent too,  they fold up and you can control your  smartphone with the inline remote (which includes a mic). The actual headphone cable is detachable and there is a normal cable in the box along with online remote one, oh plus a split pouch bag to put them all in. The one downside is that at first they do feel a little loose on your head but I soon got use to it, my old pair had a vice like grip!!

Really worth the cash if you need some new headphones, recommended!


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  1. retrolechuck says:

    Nice bargain there Da22, they look the nuts too!


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