Thursday… You little wonder


It started as a well executed WhatsApp group plan, a tribute to Bowie, a great excuse to meet up.  During the week, a date, time and location had been set for the ensuing pub habitation and Bowie ‘jukebox-athon’ however a few hours before said event, one of us, no names mentioned (Stevenger) made an off the cuff remark about “wouldn’t it be funny if the pub had their quiz night” and that is where our Thursday journey begins.

Ariving at the pub naturally late, not due to coolness but parental responsibilities I could quite clearly see through steamed up glasses that was quiz night. “No beer for you”  Stevenger said, “we’re off as soon as my well timed song selection finishes” . So one Bowie down and the ace of spades fading out it was decision time. Where to go next..? The three of us tried to delve into our alcohol damaged memory banks to picture a juke box. It’s not necessarily the item in the pub you first look out for. However we all decided we were ner ner ner ninety nine percent sure that the Jesting had one.



So the journey starts to the Jesting when suddenly Stevenger breaks into a Bowie sing along which turned out to be a riddle of a song..

I never done good things (I never done good things)
I never done bad things (I never done bad things)
I never did anything out of the blue, woh-o-oh

Myself and Retrolechuck naturally chimed in with the harmonies. After the medley was finished I had the job of picking good, bad or blue. Unbeknown to me the other two had already picked and I chose blue, it turns out Stevenger had acquired some suspect looking alcohol shots in what I can only describe as a test tube. We had each picked different so that meant one shot each, good was green, red was bad and blue was.. well you get picture. As expected it tasted foul but it warmed us all up in what was a cold night.


We had arrived at the Jesting, our eyes instantly were drawn to a newly installed arcade machine with numerous genuine and knock off classics. Panning around the bar we saw the holy grail jukebox and Retrolechuck got stuck into slowing his monies in. We had only left him for five minutes while we gathered resources from the second bar, on our return he was not alone. He had managed to attract the advances of a lady.. Impressive you might be thinking in such short time.. But.. I can only describe this lady as an aging drunken ranty mad woman who looked more like Hoggle than Vince Cable does. We hung around the jukebox while Retrolechuck politely got rid of Huggle, all we heard were the immortal parting words of ‘you’re so sexy’, is that a compliment, who knows,  I think he chose to ignore it.

Peace at last, we sauntered over to the arcade machine with our beers in hand, Stevenger piled in a couple of coins and chose to play Xevious, then some Dig Dug. To our suprise halfway through some excellent bullet dodging we hear a “so what did you put on then”, a look from all of us summed up our mutual feeling… Leave us alone. Again like last time the younger more normal but still inebriated woman zoned in on Retrolechuck. In what only I can describe as a Moss from IT crowd moment Stevenger and myself buried our heads into what was now Dig Dug. A few balloon bursted enemies later we A, hadn’t heard any more Bowie and B, pretty fed up, there was only one thing for it.. Do a runner!


While walking towards the next pub (that we could vaguely remember having a jukebox)  a war cry suddenly bellowed from up ahead. Hoggle was shouting at some innocent passers-by with a can of special brew gripped in one claw. For safety’s sake we took the first detour and arrived at an old haunt sans jukebox. It wasn’t all bad, no Bowie but we were left in peace to chat and catch up. One drink later and we decided to head back to the original pub to check if the quiz was over.

It bloody wasn’t!

Time was skipping from us fast and not much Bowie had been heard which if you remember was the whole point of the evening. We decide on the last pub, the Egg and Crab, no juke box but a nice place to chat and relax.  The journey to the pub resulted in Retrolechuck shouting in pain as a youth jettisoned an egg from a passing vehicle. It had manged to completely miss me, being the biggest, bounce of Retrolechuck leg creating the yelp of pain and finally end up splattered over Stevengers trouser… What a strange night this was, so much randomness and on a Thursday to boot!


No jukebox in the last pub but after getting in the drinks and finding a nice place to sit Bowie played out over the speakers of the pubs predefined set list.. A sigh of relief amd warm glow spread across our faces, we began a nice pleasant chat and stayed thier until closing. On reflection we have pencilled on another date with Bowie and the jukebox.


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  1. retrolechuck says:

    LOL, great read Da22 and perfectly summed up! What a crazy night but what a fantastic tribute to Bowie, think he would have approved of how the night continuously changed in randomness 🙂 We must book another night in, ji think its just what the doctor ordered to break up the winter months

    Liked by 1 person

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