Mad Max – Fury Road

I sat down last night to watch the for mentioned Fury Road.  I’d heard good things from several different people which is always a positive for a reboot/reimagine especially when the originals are held dear in the viewers heart.

Let’s get this out of the way so you don’t have to skip to the end, Mad Mad Fury Road is an excellent film, not perfect but excellent all the same. It’s worth a purchase for sure!

The main thing you notice about the film is the incredible pace it’s portrayed at, there’s only one scene where it really let’s up and that’s not for long. Fast nitrous injected furious action which is how it should be.  The whole thing really seems like one big fight with explosions, stunt and gore, a proper action film befitting the original style.

Talking about style the whole universe is painted in what you would imagine when thinking  Mad Max. If you are younger and have never seen the originals, think ‘Borderland’. Even the filming techniques were true to the originals especially the frequent over speed camera work and ‘zoom to character’ on car crashes.  I also really liked the flash backs and the way they were done, no over the top cgi, just splices of skull and flesh, reminded me of the cinema scene in fight club where he spliced the porn scene into the running film. One other part I thought was neat was when Max was sleeping and he has his nightmare, his eyes popped out of his skill and that reminded me of the first film, night rider crash I think or one of them.

Character wise there wasn’t really that much acting, a few one lines and lots of ‘looks’  however what was there was good and Hardy fitted the part well. One other overly brief character appearance was good too and reminded me of Mad Max 2, the Valkyrie. She was similar to the warrior woman Virginia Hey but I’m not sure if it was intentional or not. Another homage I noticed was the music box one of the breeders had, very cool inclusion.


A special mention goes to the guitar playing maniac, a welcome inclusion of sadistic humour! Talking of villains the big boss was good if a bit ‘Mr Freeze’ from Batman and Robin. However his drive and never die attitude distracted from his attire, still not a patch on Mr Humongous or Wez.

So overall an excellent watch, kept me glued to the screen! I’d watch it again several times so a purchase is recommended.

“What a lovely day”



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  1. stevenger says:

    Definitely want to see this somewhen. A lot of the reaction to the film focussed on Charlize Theron’s character, and noted that she seemed more the hero of the piece than the comparatively passive Mad Max. Did you get any sense of that?


    1. Da22 says:

      Yeah I did, in a way it was more like he enabled her to be the hero, she was 90% there and he added the final push. His character was definitely the unwanted hero scenario of the old films.

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