Who does number 2 work for..


Being the younger sibling has it benefits however in regards to video games this is not obviously apparent.  Following on from my last post with me dribbling on about multiplayer it subsequently jogged my memory.  Being younger meant not being the boss of the console which in turn meant alot of the time I was the one watching my brother play games,  or most importantly being lumbered with the second player slot on a sh*tty third party control pad.

This always I felt gave a keen insight into the game before I played it, learning where my Bro went wrong or found that secret life (looking at you 8bit sonic). Being player 2 especially in fighting games meant I had to learn to play from the wrong side of the street, this enabled me to master facing both ways. So the initial disadvantage turned into my gain which I still think holds true today.

So thanks Big Bro you teach me without knowing, wise video game sensai.


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  1. stevenger says:

    Haha, I love this post/insight! I always liked it when a game was player/side neutral or else allowed for suiciding P1 on a two-player game so you could solo-play a subtly-different way. Streets Of Rage is great, but sometimes you get bored of that A-button Ring Of Fire, yeah?


    1. Da22 says:

      Me too I like reading over people’s perspectives, not everyone thinks like moi.


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