Another Beer #1: Banana Bread Beer

Brewer: Wells

Name: Banana Bread Beer

Size: 500ml bottle

ABV: 5.2%


Wells’ Banana Bread Beer is a mid-coloured beer, with a smell highly suggestive of banana, although not overpoweringly so. No alcopop this! Pouring produces a slight head, though nothing remarkable.

Taste is very banana-y, sometimes the nose can be deceptive but in this case its promise is more than fulfilled. The beer and banana flavours complement each other surprisingly well, neither overpowering the other, although for those with more practiced palates or who prefer only a hint of flavour the fruit* taste will definitely be excessive. There’s nothing syrupy or sweet about the beer and the taste doesn’t linger greatly. The strength is suprising, certainly the taste doesn’t suggest more than 4-4.5% ABV.

I’d particularly recommend this ale singly, as an after-meal beverage, or as almost the opposite of a palate-cleanser mid-session i.e. an alternative choice which occludes that which came before. I can’t imagine starting a sensible tasting session with it!

As someone who likes to rotate his ales across an evening, I really enjoy this particular beer, as it works as a good contrast to whatever’s consumed prior and post.

Currently widely available individually priced circa £1.80-£2.29 or as part of Asda‘s standing 4 For £5 Real Ales promotion.

*yes I know



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Da22 says:

    Sounds interesting, will try it sometime, I’m not a massive ale person so this may agree with me.


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