Another Beer #2: Poacher’s Choice

Brewer: Badger

Name: Poacher’s Choice

Size: 500ml bottle

ABV: 5.7%


Badger’s Poacher’s Choice is another darker fruity ale. Whilst not so heavy as Titanic‘s delicious Plum Porter, it definitely fills the same niche flavour-wise and is a good home substitute as I don’t think the Titanic beer is available bottled.

The label attributes the taste to damsons and suggests pairing the beer with stronger flavours such as game (hence the name!) or a good mature cheese (with which I definitely concur).

Darker than the Wells Banana Bread Beer and richer than Wychwood‘s similarly ruby Hobgoblin, the Poacher’s Choice maintains its flavour on the tongue, you almost want to roll it around your mouth, as opposed to the hoppier finish of the Banana Bread ale. Its season is winter, an indulgence to be enjoyed in a warm room with good food and similar company. Here I’d suggest that drinking it in succession either with itself or other ales would be redundant, have just the one (and perhaps a second something a little later).

Currently available individually priced circa £1.79-£2.30, else as part of Asda‘s standing 4 For £5, Tesco‘s 4 for £6 promotions and similar promotions.



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