Oh Mummy! – ZX Spectrum


Oh God, Run, Run for your life!  Ok so im exaggerating a bit, but Oh Mummy is a fast paced PAC-Man style game that keeps you on your toes.  Fast thinking and staying cool under pressure is the name of the game here


Released in 1984 by Gem software, Oh Mummy was available for the Amstrad CPC home computer and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum in 1986.  This overview of the game will be based on the ZX Spectrum version as i am familiar with it and had many fun hours playing it in the past.


The idea of the game is simple.  Enter the level (or pyramid), grab the loot, find the key, the tombstone and head to the exit.  Sounds simple right folks? Well here comes the catch.  Keeping you company on each level is a really hacked off mummy.  Now the mummy moves round the level in a random pattern trying to kill you.  One touch from the mummy and its one life down. To make things worse, whilst digging up loot you can also unearth another mummy, making the task ahead twice as tough, meanwhile your heart is beating faster than the first time you saw the librarian ghost in Ghostbusters (yeah that bit…)

level 1

Starting up the game for the first time in years i instantly remembered how to play it. This is one of the main attractions to Oh Mummy.  Its simplicity is its strong point.  Oh Mummy is a one player game only but its very enjoyable to watch another person play.  Your player starts of with five lives and moves in four directions around the level leaving a trail of where he’s been behind him.  When you move round a block of earth you will unearth what has been hiding beneath it.

point The adventurer had bravely unearthed money or points as I like to call it

Located in the bottom right of the level is a green square with a “X” through it. This is the exit which you must pass through to complete the level.  As i mentioned earlier there is a couple of items which you must obtain to full fill the criteria of being able to pass through the exit.  Collect the key and tombstone.


So the name of the game is to unearth as many square blocks as possible trying to find the key and tombstone.  These items are represented in the green and appear on your display at the top of the screen.  The tombstone is referred to as mummy (Im guessing the limitation of space on the screen above)

As you can see following me round the level is the pesky Mummies.  I forgot how random the pattern is and how differently they attack you compared to PAC-MAN (Hmm i have a sudden urge to play PAC-MAN)  Avoiding the Mummies on earlier levels isn’t too difficult but as you progress through the game they speed up.  This mean you really need to think about your route round the level and always have an exit strategy.  May i also point out this is a great time to watch another person play the game.  You cannot help but panic, and generally shout nervously at the screen as the Mummies seem to home in at you like heat seeking missiles.  (There will most likely be cursing too 🙂 )

Gonna get ya

Unearthing a red square instantly starts your heart racing.  Any Mummy that is unearthed will follow you into the next level not only making your current level tougher but increases the difficulty of the next. Knowing that its only a matter of time before another Mummy is released, i frantically speed round the level looking for the key when i remember there is object that can be found to ease the pain of another Mummy chasing you down.


The scroll.  The scroll be praised!!!!! Yes collecting this little gem is a life saviour.  Acting like the power pill in PAC-MAN the scroll allows you to kill one of the Mummies. Generally its best not to hunt the Mummies down but use them when (more often than not) they run into you.


After an amount of completed levels you will be gifted an extra life which will really help as the Mummies in later levels will rapidly increase speed.

I cant finish the game overview without mentioning the music.  Oh Mummy has a catchy version of “The Streets Of Cairo” which gets stuck firmly in your head for many days afterwards.

Oh Mummy is a simple and fast game to play.  Its very addictive you’ll find yourself say “just one more go” which is part of the beauty of the game.  I fully recommend playing this game if you haven’t already and if you have, give it another go.  I bet you’ll have forgot how fun it still is.

title 2

Thanks for reading as always and please take a look through the other blogs on VGR2016, your “Likes” are very much appreciated.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Da22 says:

    Great memories playing this, never really understood the rules though. Obviously do now ☺ oh yeah and that music.


  2. stevenger says:

    This is so early/BASIC looking, but they were still packaging it with the +2 models up to the end of the Speccy’s shelf life. It reminds me more of Amidar (which was admittedly Pac-Man plus the uncovering mechanic) and some of the TRON lightcycle games that were so popular back then.

    Replaying now, I really wish that it had the forgiveness of upcoming turns that Pac-Man built in. Standing there like a plum for a vital quarter-second because you pressed up a fraction too early is a bit frustrating, but that’s kind of compensated for by the generosity of lives/scrolls.

    It is a great bit of fast arcade-y fun though and I do love that STOP PRESS. Great choice, great review!


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