What Is Best In Life #3

In my first joint blog entry of WIBIL I’d like to point you in the direction of accidental awesomeness.

One example of this, Street Fighter 2 (onwards), the word combo in early beat em ups never really registered as it does today, think Tekken, KI.  However back in 91 when SF2 graced the SNES this ‘combo’ is what I accidentally did and keep doing to this day. OK so it’s only 2 hits but it still counts as a combo and I always felt awesome pulling the move off, by accident of course.

To this day that one accident turned into my default move, I can’t help but do it,  HP + HADOUKEN mini combo is my accidental awesome signature move.


It’s what’s best in life don’t you know.

I’ve since found out that this is a challenge in the later entries to the series. First time I’ve ever been ahead of the curve!


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  1. stevenger says:

    Like it! Think there are some lightning reactions, 1/50th sec crouching HP > whatever links/combos that I’ve always wished I could do. Getting a cheeky Dragon Punch juggle off the side of the screen in Alpha 3 or any perfectly-timed *intentional* mid-air throw always gives me a scrub-chubby, haha!

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