Rumblebee (and Yiffjumper)

Whilst gazing out the window instead of working earlier today, I spotted a smart, red modern VW Beetle. That gave me flashbacks to the old red Bumblebee toys that were part of Transformers™ initial (1984) releases. To make the selection of six Mini-Autobot toys look bigger, Bumblebee (a yellow Beetle) and Cliffjumper (a red Porsche) were also released in each other’s colour. Probably the most redundant thing Hasbro could do, as they were very similar toys, both transforming in exactly the same way. Of the four I only ever had the (cooler!) yellow Cliffjumper toy, which I’m pretty sure I never made do double-duty as The Bumster™.


In Brazil, Bumblebee (known creatively as Volks) was also released in fancy silver at the time, although after the first few hours of poking round the excellent-beyond-words TFWiki you’ll lose your enthusiasm for being sold slightly-tweaked, renamed versions of the same thing. Thanks Hasbro™!




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  1. Da22 says:

    Think I had the red bumblebee.. Certainly jogs the old memory.


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