Another Beer #3: Burns Ale

Brewer: Shepherd Neame

Name: Burns Ale

Size: 500ml bottle

ABV: 3.8%

Brewed for Burns Night (in honour of Rabbie, rather than Homer Simpson‘s boss) the Burns Ale from Shepherd Neame, is another stained-wood coloured ale. It froths a little on pouring, but it’s most noticable quality is the deep malty flavour, something exaggerated for me by the contrast with the fruity ales I’ve recently sampled. This has very much the pleasure of a traditional bitter about it. I did find as it flattened on standing that some of the flavour was lost, however I believe that there’s a simple remedy for that.

Very much a beer which one could drink all evening were it available, save for the fact that variation would better bring out its merits. Like their enjoyable Rudolph’s Reward I don’t believe that Shepherd Neame produce it all year round, so try it while you can.

Currently temporarily available from Lidl for 99p a bottle and perhaps your favourite Real Ale-stocking supermarket or off-licence. Label design is different than that depicted.



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