The Hateful Eight

Last night I visited the local picture house with my brother and father to see Tarantino eighth film… The Hateful Eight.

The verdict for those who do not want to read further. The Hateful Eight is a superbly detailed film with amazing dialogue and cinematography. If Reservoir Dogs and Jango Unchanged had a ‘who done it’  love child, this is it. A totally worthwhile watch however if you do not like past Tarantino movies this one will not sway your judgement.

From the off you get a taste of what’s to come, the music, camera, credits are all period specific (as in the film style, 50/ 60’s) and spot on. From the minute Mr Russell meets Mr Jackson and exchange pleasantries you can tell they are going to have big performances. Saying that all the cast members are superb and none put a foot wrong. I guess that’s why the director likes to pick from the same pot of talent over and over again, reliable!

It’s quite hard to put the film in a box, it’s many things however black comedy was not one I was expecting. There are some seriously belly laugh moments, ones which the other ‘cinema goers’ shared in. Mr Roth in particular is exceptional with his faux British accent and bowler hat.

I don’t really want to delve into the story as it’s so tightly laced together I may accidently give parts away and you can always visit IMDB. Like I mentioned it’s a murder mystery affair where most are a suspect and it takes a keen eye to work out who. There are lots of clues through out the film but I still didn’t fathom out the villain until the big reveal, which was after a intermission I might add, very cool!

Action wise it’s pretty much refined to the last two chapters after the interval, as you would expect it’s over the top and glorious. A gore fest for sure with comedy 50’s western bright red blood and brain nuggets. (why you shoot Marvin in the face!)

The look of the film is also excellent, the wide pan camera on the scenery shots are beautiful and the storm scenes are shot in a way it makes you feel the cold. Most of the film is shot in one ‘cabin’ but it never feels claustrophobic or stale.

The dialogue is classic Tarantino, wordy but not over the top, every piece is there for a purpose and gives each character a sense of depth and you the audience some connection with them. Of course there is also a running ‘repeat’ theme in the movie that gets funnier every time.. You really do need two planks!

In conclusion, if you have a love for films and story lines you are going to find this a treat so please go see it if you can. Oh and take snacks, it’s about 3 hours but it does fly by!

“New rule, if you start to talk I’m gonna elbow you real hard in the face!”




3 Comments Add yours

  1. retrolechuck says:

    Great overview Da22, totally agree with you !


  2. stevenger says:

    Appreciate the review, you might even say I’m grateful, eh? *ahem*

    Someone I know via work told me his favourite Tarantino film was the underappreciated (IMHO) Jackie Brown. I asked him why, expecting a lengthy answer and he said because it’s the only Tarantino one he’d seen that’s all in the proper order like a film should be. Ha!


  3. Da22 says:

    Can’t argue with that logic!


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