Rookie mistakes


So as you may or may not be aware my Megadrive 2 failed on me while in mid lesson.

I jumped straight on eBay and won an auction for a very used but guaranteed working Megadrive uno! Straight to WhatsApp I went and messaged my Bro Retrolechuck with my £6 winning giddy excitement. His reply… “So you know your cables won’t fit from your Megadrive 2 right…?” Of course I did, err maybe not, in my excitement of eBay bidding I failed to do what I like to do best.. RESEARCH!

So back to eBay, luckily the same seller had a scart cable so that was easy. The power supply was a bit more expensive than I had hoped, I didn’t want a knock off one so I found a suitable original for what I deemed a fair price(£10). Turns out that was coming from the town next-door, I like it when random chance like that happens.

Two red royal mail cards gather on my coffee table during the working week.

Yesterday I went and picked my parcels up, did some shoe shopping for my little one and then back to Base.

The Megadrive was very well used, my heart sank a little and excitement waned. Is this going to extend my 2016 retro failure?

Sure bloody well is! DOA is the technical term, dead as a


Not having much luck this year am I, anyway I contacted the seller and he was very understanding, full refund was issued.

Turns out that my Bro had a spare of a spare with a missing volume slider, he kindly donated it to me (biscuit, thank you). So all ends well, a bit of diy and I should have one complete Medal river(auto correct for Megadrive?) .

I’m also thinking of customising the shell of the faulty Megadrive, thinking SG-1000 colours, any suggestions accepted.

Oh and who knew the original Megadrive build one was 1080p? (lolz)



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  1. acidbearboy says:

    Mega Drive PSU’s are dear because they’re compatible with import consoles such as the AV Famicom and PC Engine without the need for a step down converter. Keep us posted with games for 3 year old girls…

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  2. Da22 says:

    Makes sense 👍
    So far she has been able to play Sonic, 2d Mario, DK County, Banjo Kazoowi and Peggle 😃


  3. stevenger says:

    God, I used my ZX81 and 2600 PSUs interchangeably. Could explain why I got through so much hardware as a kid, ha!

    Have you considered static or possibly a jinx as the cause of your tech troubles?


    1. Da22 says:


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  4. acidbearboy says:

    Did you ever paint the mega Drive?


    1. Da22 says:

      No, I haven’t got th space to do it, maybe when I move


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