Happy 1 Month Anniversary

So its been one whole month since the birth of our blog and I must say a lot has happened in that time. We have sadly lost three of our generations greatest stars, Retrolechuck has completed some questionable Alex the Kidd games and my video game hardware has decide to self expire. Not to mention Stevengers crazy encounter with Scrillex and the Acidbearboys knowledgeable musical treats.

So to round up we have published 74 posts, had 1092 views, 124 unique visitors and 148 comments (mostly me I might add). Not a bad start for our own little blog with pointless chatter that we like, a big thanks to everyone for visiting us, here is a round up of those posts, enjoy:

Sega’s Alex Kidd Part 1
Sega’s Alex Kidd Part 2
Time Soldiers Playthrough
Mortal Kombat
California Games II Playthrough
NES – Ninja Gaiden Review
Oh Mummy! – ZX Spectrum
Balloon Fight – NES
Shinobi Part I
Loss of identity
Albums of the Year 2015
Podcast: Hello, From The Magic Tavern
Under The Radar – January 2016
SMS – Out Run Review
Welcome – First post
RIP little buddy
Bowie’s Not There
Destruction faeries!
Albums of the Year 2015
Mad Max – Fury Road
Albums of the year 2015
Well I never knew that #1
Penguin Little Black Classics
Thursday… You little wonder
Watch Out, The Beadle’s About?
The things you never knew existed.
Zombi – Shape Shift (2015)
How you know you’re a geek
Cosimo Galuzzi (artist)
Metal Gear Commercial (subs) [1987, Famicom]
New Arrivals
Rygar Round-Up
A legend
The hunt for the perfect burger
C#ns*r#d W*rds in SFEX+@
15 Years – The Levellers
The force Awakens
Albums of the Year 2015
High Rise trailer
Waneella’s pixel art.
Dark Adventure / Devil World [Arcade 1987]
Rookie mistakes
Virtua toy
What Is Best In Life #2
The Hateful Eight
To play alone, a sporty number
Albums of the Year 2015
Someone call the fire brigade
Bad Neighbours
Who does number 2 work for..
What Is Best In Life #3
Sue (or In A Season Of Crime) – David Bowie
Netflix new arrival…
What Is Best In Life #1
Possibly the most depressing day of the year…?
The Vampire Strikes Back – Die Krupps
Another Beer #3: Burns Ale
Slap dat!
Not heard that for a while #1
Evelyn “Champagne King”
Spiders (2000)
Movie moment
Atari + Electro

2 Comments Add yours

  1. stevenger says:

    Said it before, saying it again, good job all round! Although if we’re congratulating ourselves after our first month, we’ll be insufferable after our first year, haha!

    Two things I note: 1. I’d forgotten how astonishingly far up its own bottom that Rygar post of mine got; 2. I’ve somehow gone a whole month without producing a game review. For shame!

    Something else, thanks to everyone who’s looked at or liked any of our stuff. I’m seriously loving Retrolechuck’s game reviews in particular, am always intrigued by the posts acidbearboy brings us from well off any path I’ve beaten and we all have to pretend to enjoy the more personal-feeling, touchy-feely thoughts that Da22 shares or we get The Whip. It’s cool to know that other people are enjoying these great things too.


  2. Da22 says:

    I’m sodding not creating a years worth of hyperlinks so you are all safe 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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