You’ve got mail


Other the last few days I have took delivery of some new pads and a rather nice av cable for the megadrive.

First up the cable, now I like people that take pride in their work and this seller obviously does. The cable was self branded, really well packaged and of the upmost quality. Plus it worked with no fuss which with my recent form is great!


That night I spent playing Sonic 2 which was great fun. Brought back memories of the 90’s battling it out on Mystic Cave levels.

Next up is my two new SNES pads, again from eBay these were a fair price for two genuine pads and in good condition for the age. Now the only difference is that I opted for Super Famicom versions as it worked out about ten pounds cheapest. Now they work perfectly which is great but I have noticed a few things, the cable is short, really short and the d-pad is more sensitive than the pal version. Maybe that last one is because I’ve been rinsing the Megadrive recently. One other cool but nerdy thing I’ve noticed when opening up the SNES pad is that in the plastic where the buttons are you can see its marked for the US purple buttons as well as the normal colours.


I’ve got some more goodies on order so I will share those in arrival.


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  1. acidbearboy says:

    They only have tiny houses in Japan! How come you didn’t get a scart cable?


  2. Da22 says:

    Yeah that’s was I guessed. I had a scart but it didn’t work so played it safe, plus you can plug an av direct into my amp, upscales and obviously the sound benefits 👍


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