Nintendo NX hopes and dreams

I thought I’d write about the up and coming Nintendo console, there’s been no real leaked facts, only a couple of patents here and there but nothing concrete pointing towards the new console.

Now I skipped the Wii U rightly or wrongly, the machine just didn’t excite me enough and seemed like a Sega Saturn to the Megadrive… Rushed and botched. I’m not the only one that feels the same way, sales are a good indication of the general consensus however saying that it’s library is finally pretty darn stellar. This in turn however makes it even more frustrating that like I,  many will miss out on those titles because of the poor marketing and it’s image. I get precious little gamer time and it’s already taken up with my retro consoles and xbox-one so a Wii U is not on the cards. (Speaking of marketing whoever came up with that name should be assigned to kitchen duty, it was a nail in the coffin right off the bat.)

Now moving on, hopefully Nintendo have learnt from these mistakes and won’t market it as the Wii U2 (I’m sure they would get Bono’d). So this is all opinions and what I’d like to see, feel free to add yours etc.

Firstly I’d like to see a subscription service like xbox live where they’d give you a couple of free retro titles a month (providing you keep up the subscription of course). This would be such a great selling point for the console, id buy it just for that!

Hardware wise it needs to be on par with at least the xbox-one and I don’t mean it from a graphic fidelity view. I’m more concerned about third party support, I know Nintendo produce quality titles but it’s not enough. I want to be able to play all modern games that come out just like in the good old 8/16 bit era. Giving it hardware on par with its competitors should ensure third party releases one would hope.

Peripherals, the controller hopefully will be something back to the norm which they pretty much invented anyhows! I know alot of people like the Cube pad but personally their last decent effort was the n64 (excluding the wii classic pad as that’s not the main controller). It’s a big and important deal breaker, it’s what made me choose the xbox-one over the ps4 even though I knew the ps4 was a more powerful beast.

Lastly there are rumours that’s it’s going to be a portable plus home console combo in one cosy eco system. That’s all well and dandy if they can get the basics correct. By this I mean don’t let the hand held hamper the console. I’m no programmer however as a game on Pc can comply to several hardware specs I can’t see it out of the question for the hand held to play dumbed down versions of the consoles games. ‘Think switching the graphics setting to low for hand held and high for console.’ Along with this sentiment I’d hate to see the handheld being required to use the console ala Kinect.

Now my list isn’t that big or extreme for a list of ‘wants’ and id love to get excited about a Nintendo console again, with any luck and some common sense this may happen.

These seem reasonable right, anymore ideas people?


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  1. stevenger says:

    The new Nintendo MARIO LINKU needs to be an always-on console based on the lowest-spec generic PC hardware required to stream 8-64 bit classic games from Nintendo’s servers. The only games should be good-enough reimplementations of all the first-party classics (MB, SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, SM64, SMTENNIS and Ocarina Of Tennis) as we all know that netcode isn’t magic and can’t be an afterthought. Legacy games which are impractical/unsuitable for this treatment *should* contain magic netcode however. The machine itself should only be available in the one colour that goes with everything: PEACH.

    The controllers should be exactly like the old Game & Watch games (think skinny DS) except the liquid crystal displays ought probably to be replaced with LED screens. Wi-fi wouldn’t hurt either. Useful game information could run on one screen with Brand Loyalty Messages on the second. Which screen contained which could change when you look away, eye-tracking technology is unnecessary, intrusive and un-Nintendoean (WWSMD) so I’d just make it every 4-8 seconds randomly.

    Further down the line I’d like to see innovation in the plumbing-sibling space. Heresy I know, but we’ve had Mario and Luigi, Wario and Wazzock for so long – the time is right for SUPER GARYO BROTHERS (As well as echoing a kingly name in English, GARYO is Japanese for “strongly innovative dragon”). Think of the range of jumping, driving and sports titles which could be created for the purposes of one day being emulated on the MARIO LINKU’s successor!


    1. Da22 says:

      Glad to see you agree with me 😂 Peach colour sounds delightful.

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  2. retrolechuck says:

    I do have to add though at the same time i agree with the above, i do want there to be a different console on the market. XBOX one and PS4 are near identical. We need more competition from Nintendo again. Dont forget the Wii is the biggest selling console (not including the DS). Although the Gamecube and Wii U had poor sales it does have a great library of games. Online is definitely a must but lets not remember peoples accounts being stolen from a poorly executed PlayStation Network. There are lots of things for Nintendo to get right, one of the things in my opinion is when to release the console. Its tough to release a new console half way through Microsoft and Sonys life cycle as in a few years it will be redundant to the big two again. Nintendo do have a new man in charge now so lets see what happens.


  3. retrolechuck says:

    Also forgot to say great post Da22! Got me thinking 🙂

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  4. Da22 says:

    I agree that xbox-one and ps4 are near identical but for me that’s the standard, nintendo need to be as good as those consoles and then add their magic on top. If you don’t own a next gen console and you have three near identical systems but one has all the great third party games plus the Nintendo first party exclusives I’d know which one id buy.


    1. stevenger says:

      That’s almost an argument that Nintendo “go SEGA themselves” though. There’s no point them releasing an mostly-undifferentiated/superior machine solely to put out their first-party stuff and identical ports on, is there? They’d be better off as a publisher in that scenario. They aren’t going to out-spend Sony or Microsoft, so they have to compete by providing something different.

      It’s the same problem every generation, plus their handheld dominance is worth near squat now everyone flappybirds on their phones.


  5. Da22 says:

    Sega was altogether different they lost the confidence of their customers bringing out and not supporting mega cd, 32x and hey new console. Nintendo have a solid fan based and great games that we all love. To dominate you need to do what your competitors do and better. I’m sure they would rather have consumers paying cash for their kit. Unfortunately Wii was a fluke, waggle controls were a one off and ninty played that ace at the correct time. The console market will only get blander and I can’t see VR changing it up within the next 10 years. Mobile phone games have a place but will never replace dedicated handhelds. Despite what analysts say console gaming isn’t dying.


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