Flogging a dead space marine

I was reading a post on Destructoid a while back about the up and coming Doom game. They had some in game footage and a preview trailer, colour me not overly impressed. I mean visually it looks great and the action was fast paced, exciting even but it didn’t have that Doom feeling. Brings me back to a sore point of reboots or remakes.. When is it time to say enough. Call me a grumpy middle aged man but Doom will always have a special place in my gamer heart as a simple repetitive fast actioned shooter. It had a certain sweet style, be it the grungy music or the floating movement, you knew you were playing Doom and not a clone or rival game.  Watching those videos I couldn’t honestly tell you it was Doom if I hadn’t seen the intro. I hope I’m wrong in the long run and it does work out successful because no matter what I think the game studio has in no doubt worked bloody hard on it.

One more thing, what’s going on with game covers.. Where’s the effort?

Has the world move on from Doom?



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