Megadrive eBay Arrivals!

So we have some new Arrivals this week, feast your eyes on me bounty… Yaarrrr


Now I went a bit eBay crazy for me and bought all of these beautiful games, I still have two to come.. I’m thinking the postman is probably trying to complete them before he/she delivers. So it’s been like Xmas with a parcel a day and all in order to further my daughters education… It’s not an excuse honest.. We have had a quick go on each with the half hour slot which I have between getting in from work and eating dinner.

Here’s the run down:

World of illusion

First impressions were good, beautiful animation and great scenery of which appears in front and behind of your character. You can play single or two player on screen, Mickey or Donald. Each have slightly different playing styles and you need to work together to progress which is a really nice touch. The levels are varied and the difficulty is not too hard, when you die you want to try again. There is also a code based save game which is great! All in all a solid game and worth a purchase.

Mega games 1

A classic collection which somehow I’ve not owned..I mainly got this for columns, that alone was worth the £4 I paid. Hang on is an OK game but hasn’t aged well and Italia90 also hasn’t aged well, although I don’t remember it being great the first time around. So woohoo Columns for the win.


Now I own castle of illusion and world of illusion was delivered before this, I thought it was a safe bet,boy was I wrong. The animation and collision detection are pretty bad and the difficulty level is too high but mainly because of the former points. Examples of this are the random platform movements, they suddenly speed up and slow down with no warning. The fact there’s no animation change when Mickey uses his bounce attack while pressing down on the pad (I had to read the manual as I assumed there wasn’t one). Random creature spawning is also nuts,  plus to top it off magic for your main attack is blood drenched steak! I paid money for the game so I will play it again but it’s not a gem, not recommended!

 Sonic compilation

I own Sonic one and two already however I do not own Mean Bean Machine which sells for a hefty tag, these hardcore collectors are maxing the prices and sellers are definitely chancing their arm. I have fond memories of MBM so I wanted to play it again, £6 was a fair price I feel, that’s like a pint and a half down the pub. The game itself is very enjoyable and timeless, there is also code save (bonus!) worth picking up with the compilation. 

Micro Machines Tournament 96

This I bought just for the local multiplayer fun and frolics, superb game to play with your mates plus the added bonus of the J-cart. This version is basically the second game plus the DLC that was released on the Pc I think, so more tracks and a level designer! The only thing it lacks is the tanks like the version I have on the SNES. Furious top down racing which has a regular slot at our RetroNight, if that’s not recommendation enough than what is?

PSYCHO Pinball

Il admit to never playing this one before however the eBay bug got the better or me and it was cheap! Plus Stevengers recent post about PinballFX2 gave me a hankering for some flipper action. This game comes with 4 tables but as advertised runs at an increased your heart out xbox-one(lolz). It reminds me alot of pinball fantasies on the Amiga which I loved dearly. I can see myself losing some hours in this one. Was worth buying!

Sonic 3

Again I didn’t own this for some strange reason however with my daughter loving Sonic and Tails (Miles) I had to buy this. Big upgrade from Sonic 2 visually and musically. (looking at you MJ) The game still plays great, is fast and slick, it’s Sonic and there’s not much more to be said. Recommended!

So that ends my round up, I will post about the last two games when they are delivered, happy gaming and let me know if you have anything new!


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  1. stevenger says:

    I heartily approve of five-sevenths of these purchases, nice little bundle! If that pinball game is even half-decent I will be all over it come next Retro Night.

    My most recent semi-retro purchases are both for the 360. Ninety-Nine Nights (clumsy, cringy Fantasy Dynasty Warriors clone from 2006) and Wizorb, an indie 69p download of an RPG-skinned Arkanoid. Might do a mini-review of the latter at some point.


    1. Da22 says:

      It’s pretty darn good, classic 2d cartoon visuals, no 3d pov here.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. acidbearboy says:

    Wizorb is cool Steveo. Dazz, you need Dragon’s Fury for the MD aka Devil Crash. Awesome pinball game with awesome music. Do you have Sonic Spinball or is it on that compilation?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Da22 says:

      Spinball is on the way dude, il look into the other one 👍


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