Riton – The Hammer of Thor

Stevenger’s post about the Thor table of Pinball FX2 made Da22 buy a random pinball game for the Mega Drive. I was not so frivolous! I just had a brief thought about my familiarity with the character – or rather a lack of it. I don’t read comics and I haven’t seen the film, so I was mostly trying to remember if he he was included in any of the Marvel vs Capcom games (he was a partner assist in MvC1 and a fully playable character in MvC3 – thanks Wikipedia). But mostly it jogged my memory for this classic track from 2007. It takes a while to get going, with elements seemingly dropping in and out at random before the hook line enters, sounding not unlike some kind of vintage Horror movie soundtrack, pumped up for the noughties club scene.


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  1. stevenger says:

    Liking it, just sparse enough! Love that everyone’s taken inspiration from Thor of all things (I’ve got a retro-review of a 1983 game called Valhalla bubbling on the backburner too).


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