What Is Best In Life #7

I was talking to my close friend and confidant Lars Ulrich* the other day. Our discussion turned to societal norms and he explained to me how Through The Never was originally a protest song demanding that Cheestrings™ be made from the Default Cheese, “twisting, turning through the cheddar”. He beat out the words with a small, somewhat undistinguished yellow Lego construct of his own design. “I love cheese, man,” he said.

Don’t eat yellow blocks.

Inspired by his percussive prowess, I went on to make a normative claim about the Default Lego block, which I assert is the two-by-four.

“Actually, is that what the song ‘2×4‘ is about, Lars?” I asked him.

“I can’t hear ya, dude,” he replied.


*not the Lars Ulrich, surprisingly

Mention Lego in a group over a certain age and up goes the cri de coeur lamenting the restrictiveness of modern blocks. Whatever my sympathies, this post is not that post. I merely want to celebrate the versatility of the classic 2×4 [x3] block, which frees the imaginative builder to create anything their mind might conjure – a (battle)ship, a cinema, Optimus Prime, Laserbeak or Blue Cheese Soundwave.

Be kind, I’m embarrassed by my creepy, weird hands.

There’s a reason why so many off-brand, compatible Konnektink-Bloxx (be they the ones from my childhood or the varieties available now) especially choose to mass produce the 2×4 block. It is Lego, all of the toy’s virtues are in that simple design.

WIBIL #7: starting to put together 2×4 Lego-style bricks and only then deciding what you’re actually building is best in life

Cheap’n’cheerful Blox (it’s true, I tells ya!)



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Da22 says:

    You do have one odd hand.. And you’re married, when did that happen? 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stevenger says:

      Ha! She ain’t Ms Pac-Man any more!


      1. Da22 says:

        Lol Mrs Puk Man

        Liked by 1 person

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