What Is Best In Life #8

I caught the back end of Tim Burton‘s Alice In Wonderland whilst channel-flipping the other week. I honestly could not get over Anne Hathaway‘s fun turn as The White Queen, all elbows and wafting. Just look at her! Admittedly I’m predisposed to enjoying her performances (still need to see Dark Knight Rises), but that is a great bit of ostentatious physical acting. Apparently, she’s the only member of the cast who wasn’t CGI-enhanced, which I can well believe as apart from her acting talents she does fall right in that glorious Angelina Jolie “so much larger than life they could be photoshopped” zone. Also, a rather decent actress!

WIBIL #8: Anne Hathaway channelling Nigella and goodness knows who or what else is best in life


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