New Arrivals 14-2-2016


Kirby amiibo was a Valentines gift from the wife. SMB-U was an online bargain at £22 delivered.


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  1. stevenger says:

    Bub and Bob gonna sue somebody!


  2. Mr. Wapojif says:

    Awesome game, I love that one. Super Mario 3D World is my all time favourite Mario, though, and that’s really saying something.


    1. Da22 says:

      Snes Mario world is mine, bought it a fair few times 😂

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  3. Da22 says:

    What do the amiibos actually do?


    1. acidbearboy says:

      1. Look cool.
      2. Unlock costumes etc. in game.
      3. Unlock classic Nintendo games.


      1. Da22 says:

        Ah right, so you pay for stuff that should be free and unlockable through progression.. A kin to DLC and in app purchases. However you’re right it does look cool though.


      2. acidbearboy says:

        Yeah, that’s how it is these days. I look at it as a cool model with extras.

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