Gamester LMP megadrive pad (updated)

Last week I bought three second hand six button megadrive pads and a multitap for the tidy sum of £20. I couldn’t find genuine Sega pads as they go for extortionate prices so I took the gamble of the third party manufacturer. Searching Google delivered me no reassuring reviews or piece of mind however there was one YouTube video of a different pad but same manufacturer, Gamester. The chap reflected positively on his model which gave me hope for my purchase. I also did a little research on the manufacturer and it turns out I’m 90% sure they were bought or because Madcatz.

Delivery day, holding the pads for the first time gave me some relief, all three were solid, no creaks or cracks and they looked nearly new. The buttons had a nice amount of travel and were reassuring to press. The direction pad although quite high from the base showed no sigs of moving on its own accord, it wad however quite sensitive and had a large amount of play in it. The turbo and slow switching felt nice and decisive but I seldom use these functions so consider them overlooked.


Fireing up tried and tested Sonic 2 showed me that these pads are a great alternative, the direction pad is nice and responsive and does not impact the game negatively at all. Same goes for the buttons, the nice amount of travel on these leaves you confident that you have pressed A, B or C.


Onto something a bit more challenging, Super Street Fighter 2, now this is always going to be the ultimate test! Picking Ken as my character I reeled off Hadokens, Hurricane kicks and Dragon punches with ease, in fact it was maybe to easy. There was the odd Hadoken I missed or it instead turned into a Dragon punch but that may have been me. The X, Y and Z buttons felt nice like the others and we’re a touch smaller like the genuine pads. Comparing these pads to the original three button(I don’t have a Sega six button pad) controller makes be feel vindicated in the purchase, I’d say on par performance wise and better ergonomically. On that note I must mentioned the smaller stature of these pads is a big plus.


Funnily enough that very night of purchase retrolechuck came around to sit for us, I left him playing Mickey Mania and came back 3 hours later to find him in the same place. No complaints about the pad, in fact I believe he has invested in some similar ones.

So are these recommended, why yes especially if you find them at this money. The genuine six button pads are always going to be better but good luck finding them for a sensible price!


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