February Fresh 2016


I keep a playlist of about 50 songs on Spotify called “FRESH”, which I use for road-testing new songs. They automatically get downloaded to my phone so they’re always with me for times when I don’t fancy listening to an album. Here are the best tracks from the past couple of months.

Rustie – First Mythz – Ambient intro. Dolphin FX into big trance riff. Huge clap-tastic build up. Dolphin FX into phat dubstep-style beat drop. Rinse and repeat.

Black Devil Disco Club – Distrust (Stopmakingme remix) – Never heard of Stopmakingme before, but he’s turned the very by-the-numbers original, featuring the vocalist from The Horrors, into a filthy energy filled acid house track.

CHVRCHES – Recover (Cid Rim remix) – Another unknown turd polisher. The original is a boring indie-dance affair but Cid Rim injects some much needed energy into the arrangement. Plus I love the way the synth hook transforms from muted blips into those beautiful clean synth tones during the wonderfully long and beatless intro.

RUFUS – You Were Right (Nora En Pure remix) – A trio of great remixes! This one has been on my playlist since October and it’s a great little dance-pop song with lovely chords and melodies. The piano in the remix really sets it apart. The bass is pretty chunky too!

Fred Falke – Radio Days – Sounds like classic Chic, with a cheesy voice over. I reckon it would work pretty well in Outrun 2.

Clover & Sealife – A Sentimental Cry A bastard mix of J-pop, chill-wave, footwork rhythms and even a classic breakbeat sample. The vocals are a bit amateurish, but damn that melody is catchy – been humming it a lot.

Pete Shelley – Witness the Change – Quality 80s new wave / Italo disco.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. stevenger says:

    I remember you recommending me something off that Pete Shelley album before (recognised the artwork!).

    Dunno if it’s just because I mis-parsed the song title as “Recover Cid”, but that CHVRCHES remix sounds like a Final Fantasy Title Screen playing whilst a small train chuffs about one’s feet. With vocals a bit like The Cranberries but a million times less irritating/piercing.

    Good stuff is what I’m saying, good stuff!


    1. acidbearboy says:

      Glad you like it. Be interested to hear your thoughts on the CHVRCHES album proper. It was in a lot of 2015 lists, but I found it really uninspired.


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