Inbox Items for February Part I

Been a while since i posted last so here is a quick catchup on my purchases for February 2016.

Lolo 2 – Nintendo Entertainment System

lolo back

Great little puzzle game in which you control a blue “egg” (ive been told) called Lolo through a series of rooms to complete his quest.  You will start each level needing to collect hearts in order to open the chest that allow you to progress to the next room.

lol game

Nearly all of the enemies in the game can kill you with one touch but you can fire weapons and push blocks around to trap them in corners.  As this is early days for me playing Lolo2 i will certain come back and expand on the game in a future post.

Golgo 13 – Nintendo Entertainment System


I have been wanting to pick this game up for sometime as soon as i learnt it was the first Nintendo game to contain nudity, blood and that the use of cigarettes restores health 🙂 Yes folks welcome to the world of the secret agent Gologo 13.


So far the game has been very entertaining and i highly recommend purchasing if you own a NES.  The game consists of various styles which are woven together by a huge story, it’s really impressive for a game released in 1988.

Progressing through the game you’ll find yourself switching between playing a standard scrolling platformer to a first person shooter and then a shoot-em up.  The controls take a bit of getting used to but after a while they seem to fit with the game perfectly.  I was amazed to find yet again the style would change a bit further in.

This time i found a dungeon crawler style level and an under water “teenage mutant ninja turtles stage”  The game has progressively got tougher which i am now at a stage of needing to really concentrate to complete the first person shooter stages.  It becomes difficult to tell which people to kill and which people are innocent.

Recommended for anyone curious in this mish mash of game styles or a fan of the Manga series.

Wolfenstein – The Old Blood – Xbox one

Without going to much into the Wolfenstein The New Order (future review coming) i picked up the expansion pack “The old Blood” in Tesco for £8.  As this latest instalment of the franchise is to me incredible and back to form the Wolfenstein i cant wait to get my teeth into the expansion.  Wolfenstein games for me have always held a place in my heart not only for the game changing genre (Wolfenstein 3D) but for atmosphere and fluid “old style” game play (Return to castle Wolfenstein).  Using the theme of “what if the Nazi’s” had won the war, you find yourself playing the legendary character William BJ Blazkowicz once again.


Previous instalments found the Nazis dabbling with the occult, zombies and unfortunately kidnapping Albert Einstein.  This time the Nazi’s are using machinery and robots which have won them the war.  The Old Blood expansion will hopefully reveal a little more to the events that took place before the start of the new order.  More on this coming soon with the review

To be continued in “Inbox Items for February Part II”


Thanks again for reading VGR2016 and keep on gaming!




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  1. stevenger says:

    Golgo 13 looks really interesting especially if they’ve integrated the different styles well. The contemporary RoboCop and Batman The Movie both used multiple game styles, but the stroll’n’shoot bits were definitely the main game and everything else effectively minigames.


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