CFCF (Music)

I’ve been a fan of Michael Silver’s work under the CFCF moniker since 2008, when his music first started floating around the internet. Although not every release has been completely to my tastes, I respect the fact that his style is always developing and that his music never comfortably fits into one particular genre pigeonhole. I also find myself enjoying each album more and more with repeated listens. His more recent releases seem more focused on providing what I call ‘the album experience’ – a collection of tracks generating a particular mood – as opposed to his earlier work, which had a stronger emphasis on individual songs. Links with descriptions below to selected highlights from his discography.

On Vacation (2016) – Ambient, electronic, world music, jazz-fusion and new age influences collide, providing you with the perfect soundtrack to a lazy week in your villa somewhere in the south of France. Or for the nerds – on the beach in FFVII’s Costa Del Sol.

Radiance & Submission (2015) – I nearly called this album darker, but deeper would be a better description. Although the tone is more serious than On Vacation, it still has an uplifting vibe about it; yet I find it very calming. “Blanketed In Snow A Place Returned” is quite rightfully his most listened to track on Spotify, absolutely beautiful stuff.

The Colors of Life (2015) –  This album is a continuous 40 minute journey with a light but steady 4/4 beat throughout – like some kind of tropical synthesis mixtape with bonus saxophone noodling and panpipes. I can totally see this rubbing some people up the wrong way but I love it!

Music For Objects (2013) and Exercises (2012) – Two solid EP’s of mostly short, simple, minimalistic ideas, both with a couple of really strong highlight tracks. Exercises is the better of the two and includes a collaboration with David Sylvian.

The River (2010) – A brilliant EP of moody ambient electronica, plus a couple of reasonable but unnecessary remixes with an eye on the dancefloor.

You Hear Colours, from his debut 7″ single and subsequent debut LP (2009).


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  1. stevenger says:

    Having a nose around his stuff on YouTube and mostly liking it. Camera is good – bit more repetitive (

    Also, CFCF is the unremarkable 51399 decimal to save anyone else checking!


    1. acidbearboy says:

      I checked, as you mentioned it, but I don’t understand? Wikipedia says CFCF stands for Canada’s First Canada’s Finest – a now defunct AM radio station


      1. stevenger says:

        Sounds much more plausible, didn’t look at what it actually stood for. I was being just being hexawhimsical!


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