Inbox Items for February Part II

Metroid Zero Mission – Nintendo Gameboy Advance

metroid box

I remember playing this years back and never finished it.  Now i have a Gameboy Player for the Nintendo Gamecube i am going to be able to experience this beauty again on the big screen.  For anyone who hasn’t already played a Metroid on the Gameboy Advance this is a must own game.

metroid pick

Very similar to the Super Nintendo’s legendary game Super Metroid in game play and style, Zero Mission is a revamped version of the original game.  I cant wait to play this again, the level design, music and tight controls make this game a gem to play

Bayonetta 1 & 2 – Nintendo Wii U


Very happy to find a double pack version of Bayonetta for the Wii U.  I loved the first game with fantastic fluid fighting mechanics and its amazing set pieces.  The second game so far has surpassed the original with beautiful visuals, tighter control and the set pieces will catch you off guard.  From fighting on a back of a jet plane to fighting a dragon climbing a sky scrapper.


So far the Nintendo Wii U has not let me down with the few games i have for the system.  This one being up there with some of the best visuals ive seen.  Of course it helps when the main character is an awesome looking female witch that can summon angles at the drop of a hat.  The action is fast paced but not difficult to enjoy and master.  So far i have found Bayonetta 2 not only has action sequences but some free roaming parts to it in order to upgrade powers and strength.  If you enjoyed the first game or are curious over what the game is like to play, you could do so much worse than Bayonetta 2.  A high point for the Wii U

Cosmic Spacehead – Sega Mega Drive


Coincidently Da22 was reading about this game when at the same time i had won it in an auction.  It was a gamble for me at the time as i was making my purchase on it being a game by Codemasters.  It looked from the pictures very similar to the style of their old Dizzy games (Some of my favourite games ever made at the time)  Luckily the gamble paid off as Cosmic Spacehead is a real cracker.


A beautifully drawn 1950’s style comic art mixed with the old style “point n click” and platformer elements.  Witty dialogue and humour puns, Cosmic Spacehead reminded me of playing games such as Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer again.  The Mega Drive version has a save feature (codes) in which you can jump straight back into the action at any point.  The game so far has been challenging but doesn’t have the really obscure puzzles which i found in some of the old games in the same vein.  “Oh of course the rubber chicken and the pulley makes a zip line device 🙂 )  Moving between continents means Cosmic changes into a platformer for a short while.  This is a lovely breakup from the pure point and click element and adds to the variety of the game.  You can collect items to gain lives at this point as you can die from falling down holes.  Once you visit your destination you can fast travel back again by collecting the Passport key to that area.  If you are a fan of point and click games, then so far i can fully recommenced Cosmic Spacehead


This concludes my gaming finds for February and now i am going to sit down and enjoy them.  Bring on March! 🙂  Thanks for reading VGR2016 and enjoy the rest of the site


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  1. stevenger says:

    Never heard of Cosmic Spacehead and with a name that terrible I’d remember! Sounds alright. Did you ever play the Discworld point’n’click games? Had Eric Idle and Nigel Planer doing voicework.

    Bought Bayonetta secondhand but the filthy/damaged disc refuses to work past the menu screen. Aaaargh! Nice to know I’m missing something good, ha!


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