Guerilla Space Control ramblings

It’s odd the tricks that one’s brain can play on them. Example. The other week I was out for my morning constitutional, pondering this-and-that, particularly in regard to something I read ages ago (paraphrasing) “an arsehole is someone who insists that every social interaction occurs on their terms”. By  analogy to a King in chess and no doubt more influenced by the fact I’d been listening to the odd Nailbomb song lately, I hit upon the odd phrase “Space Control Guerrillas”.

Fast forward a day or two and there’s Tim Peake on the news being chased round the ISS by an authentic apeman. My brain is half-convinced that the odd phrase I came up with and the gorilla video are somehow connected, I mean how could they not be? Certainly if this were a film or novel, rather than real life, there’d definitely be a connection, right? That Space Gorilla is taking over!

I blame my brain for coincidences like these because when it comes to the distinction between mind and body, I put the organ “the brain” firmly on the body side, and try to distinguish things which arise from the meat-of-me as opposed to that which is mind-made. “Oho,” say you, “but isn’t the latter also a function of your physical body, unless by ‘mind’ you mean ‘soul’. Did you mean to use the S-word?” And so rather than concede the existence of a supernatural spirit which moves me (at least in those terms) I instead admit that my conception of mind/body separation is incredibly woolly and wouldn’t work well as a D&D mechanic or explanation of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure let alone touch upon a proper model of human psychology.

tl;dr – anyone else’s brains or apes playing tricks on them recently?


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  1. Da22 says:

    I think of someone and then look at my phone and they txt me, is that the same thing? I do hope you mind ape was also humming the Benny Hill tune! 😂


    1. stevenger says:

      Oh yeah, the humming mind-ape is the main reason I walk everywhere in double-time 😀

      I’d say thinking of someone, them texting you and then being unable to 100% shake the illusion of the former causing the latter would be most like it. But broadly, yes! Brains are mad things!


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