Flicky – Sega Megadrive


Ah it’s 1991,what a year for game releases, too many to choose from, Street Fighter,Sonic, Monkey Island 2, Zelda, Mega Man 4 to name but a few. Some have even called it the greatest year in gaming history however it suprised me to learn when firing up Flicky that this was also released in.. yup 1991. I couldn’t believe the technical under achievement for this Sega game, after my first run through I did some digging for an explanation and soon realised it was a 84 arcade re release. Still why would you do this with the line up the Megadrive had, not a great advertisement for its ‘blast processing’. I’d be pissed if I laid down some serious cash for it.


The game itself is very simplistic, you are a bird and you have to jump around the repeating levels rescuing chicks by delivering them to the exit. There are however foes in the form of.. naturally cats but there is also a maniac lizard..? Thankfully though someone has left appropriate sized objects lying around for Flicky to launch at said enemies, oh but there is a caveat you can only fire the object when you jump. I don’t know if this was a 1984 memory limitation but it does add an extra skill element to the proceedings.


The levels themselves are small and enclosed but in repeating patterns this again makes things interesting, loosing one cat with some skilled jumping can very well leave you face to face with it again a few seconds later. I’ve landed foul (no pun intended) of this several times.  Visuals are basic but colourful and the music is particularly up beat but nothing to write home about. After a few completed levels things are broken up with a bonus stage, those pesky cats somehow have gotten their hands on more chicks and have then proceeded to catapult them in the air! BA*ST#DS! Flickys objective here is to catch THEM all Pokemon style and it’s not really that hard to get perfect scores here. 

That’s pretty much sums up the game, the physics are good and Flicky floats when jumping, this aids to the skill level and dodging tactics. I had several rounds which were fun before loosing interest so it was worth playing but I wouldn’t lay down more than a tenner.

Fun fact Flicky appears in a number of Sonic games, who knew! (everyone apart from me no doubt)

GENESIS--Sonic the Hedgehog 2_Feb5 19_18_16


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  1. stevenger says:

    Sounds alright, I checked out a LongPlay on YouTube (see below) and I like the looping sideways scrolling. The platform layouts get slightly more creative, but not much. It’s no Bubble Bobble! Wonder why it’s still remembered/acknowledged, Wikipedia didn’t give a reason.

    Also, the chick-catching bonus round looks great, someone should re-imagine that as a progressively more hectic Pullet Hell game, haha!


  2. Da22 says:

    I know I’ve always heard of it being a Sega Classic but I can’t think why. It’s an OK puzzle game but like you say no ‘insert game here’


  3. acidbearboy says:

    I also had fun with this, for a while. Feels like it would be better suited to a handheld console for short bursts of play. The core mechanic is solid, but it gets repetitive fast. It is satisfying when you nail a level in perpetual motion though.


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