Rant – rare as a word!


This is only gong to be a short rant about something hopefully you also find totally annoying!  I’ve been a frequent shopper of eBay and other online retailers selling second hand items for quite a while now and one word keeps becoming more and more frequently misused! The word RARE, it’s dictionary terms means:

coming or occurring far apart in time;unusual; uncommon

This does not apply to around ninty percent of items in these online websites! Adding the word rare to your item you are selling does not magically make it so and therefore does not add value! For me it does the opposite, it’s insulting to the buyer to think they haven’t done the research and for you to try and ‘trick’ them. Cut it out, no one is fooled and it makes you look like a penny pinching tool!

It also detracts from the items that are indeed rarer to find, this act of blasé advertising pisses me off and dilutes the integrity of serious sellers. If I see Jungle Strike or FIFA soccer labelled as rare again I’m going to cry!


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  1. jamym says:

    Fu**ing eBay! They usually try and sell “rare” Jungle Strike for £30+


  2. stevenger says:

    Saw Jungle Strike in a secondhand shop window the other day and thought of this post, haha! They had some other Megadrive games there too, didn’t think to tip you guys off in case any worthwhile, d’oh!


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