The Bug

Not too long ago, a track called Void by The Bug popped up on Spotify. It’s a brilliant slice of ambient/dub/electronica that worked well either with the volume down low as a background piece, but also with the speakers cranked up nice and loud. So I delved into the rest of The Bug’s catalog on Spotify, hoping for more of the same, but was ultimately a little disappointed. His style is influenced by classic dub and reggae with an electronic slant – lots of heavy basslines and low slung rhythms, but also a lot of ragga vocals which I can barely tolerate over a jungle classic! I did find a few other nice instrumental tracks and even a couple of half decent vocals, which I have conveniently curated into a handy playlist, but nothing quite as special as Void.

The Bug playlist by acidbearboy


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  1. Da22 says:

    The only thing I dislike about this type of music is that it build you up for a crescendo but then doesn’t deliver.. I guess that’s the point huh


    1. acidbearboy says:

      Yeah, think it’s just a mood or a groove thing.


  2. stevenger says:

    I got interested in (mostly ’90s) dub via Killing Joke who had a proper love for it and a wealth of good dub remixes. There’s a 3CD album which collects some of the better/obscura ones (long with a few that aren’t remotely dubby). I’ll have a rummage for you on the off chance any of it is of interest. This track is pretty decent although it’s not quite blown me away. There’s some great sounds there though. I should stick my headphones on!

    Also, I finally signed up for Spotify on this damn laptop and still had no luck with your link. Got bored OK-ing javascript from all and sundry so decided to move on to the idle commenting phase!


    1. acidbearboy says:

      Spotify Web player is pretty snazzy if you can’t get the client working!

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    2. acidbearboy says:

      Also, listening to dub type music through laptop or smart phone speakers will never do it justice. Void isn’t really a big tune – I just kept going back to it.


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