Small Potatoes

When Stevenger posted about the new mini series of The X-Files back in in February, I had intended on watching it but as usual I forgot. So instead, over the past month I have watched 16 episodes of The X-Files Season 4 on DVD and I must say it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Some episodes I vaguely remember from the original UK airing in 97/98, others are completely new to me – such as “Small Potatoes” that I just finished watching and felt compelled to recommend. It is a very light hearted episode with some real funny moments in. Without giving too many spoilers – the episode is about a man who can convincingly mimic other people’s appearances, including agent Fox Mulder. David Duchovny plays a great role as his goofy doppelganger and the whole episode seems centered around poking fun at his character.

I’ll be ordering season 5 imminently now I’m on to the final disc of season 4.


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  1. Da22 says:

    Is that the episode where he has the massive porn stash in his closet?


    1. acidbearboy says:

      Nope, don’t remember that one


      1. Da22 says:

        Hmm il ask Retrolechuck he is the x-files Oracle


    2. stevenger says:

      Don’t remeber that, but recall a gag in an earlier episode about Scully putting a video that she found in the office VCR “with the other ones that aren’t yours”.

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  2. stevenger says:

    I should probably do a Series 10 post, haven’t felt motivated, very hit and miss.

    Been a while so might have this wrong, but think series 4 was alright and 5 had its moments too. Six is a decent one if you like slightly more experimental/playful/self-aware/gimmick episodes, e.g. the reality TV one. Beyond lie dragons.


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