Phantasy Star Collection – GBA

A March pick up kicks off with the wonderful Phantasy Star Collection on the Nintendo GBA.  A great spot by Da22.  I picked the game up in very good condition for a good price.  Its great to have the first three games in the series on one cart.

I am familiar with the first game in the series as i own the game on the Sega Master System but the manual was always missing.  Finding complete copies of the original games on Ebay isn’t easy or cheap.  The great thing about this collection is the stories are included for each game in the manual which is nice way to give you the background of each game.

The visuals on the GBA are very crisp and from what i can tell the ports are very faithful to the original SEGA games.  The save feature is there as you’d expect and the sounds and music are also sharpened up.  For anyone wanting to own the first three Phantasy Star games this is a must buy.  The originals are expensive nowadays and this is a great stop gap if you are saving for them.

If you have a Gameboy Player for your Nintendo Gamecube, the game looks great and you can easily enjoy the 100+ hours this game will give you in the comfort of the big screen without getting a neck ache 🙂



2 Comments Add yours

  1. stevenger says:

    Neat compilation. Nothing to add really, just kicking my heels until Acidbearboy turns up, haha!


  2. acidbearboy says:

    I must admit that my knowledge of the original phantasy star games is limited it a couple of hours on ps1 via emulator and even less time on ps2 the first time I had a mega drive back in the late 90s. I found both incredibly tough.

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