What Is Best In Life #10

Inspired mainly by someone being wrong on the internet (slip of the tongue or no, factoring primes and finding prime factors are two different things!) I went a-searching for more information on finding the prime factors of any given integer. This being something I’m sure that I’ve covered and forgotten in my time. Skimming the Wikipedia article on my phone before heading off to work I found my brain sizzling away en route trying to recreate/comprehend the principles behind it.

There’s a glorious “falling-in” moment that happens when you realise how/where/why something works, especially in the crunchier disciplines, but that sense of achievement at understanding is generally true. For me it was grokking that e.g. if 10^2 = 2^2 * 5^2 then 10^3 = 2^3 * 5^3 and so forth and so forth. There are rules! Everything makes sense! Numbers matter! All will be well!

First thing I did when I got to work was grab a pencil and paper, which is always a good sign, be it in maths, gaming, fiction or real life.

WIBIL #10: Maths out of nowhere which is also maths you can rewardingly chew on is best in life

(picture used is from sonderbooks.com and is a super-geeky homemade jumper representing the prime factors of numbers up to 100 as colours/flags)


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  1. retrolechuck says:

    Really like this post Stevenger…. Very Douglas Adams-esq (that’s a compliment in my world. Lol) brings back memories from when things used to click in maths at school. Yes, paper and pencil is a must…. Well how else are you to erase some mistakes and try again? ☺️
    Also that jumper rocks!! Great read!


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