The Goonies II – NES

Just a quick post to mention this little gem of a game.  This was going to feature in one of my “Under The Radar “posts but thought it was worth a post of its own.

I picked this game up purely on the premise its “The Goonies” yes, i like the Goonies (who doesn’t?)and the thought of me playing a game based on the title alone excited me.  I mean come on , are we ever going to see a Goonies II and more importantly ….do we want another film after this long?


Developed by Konami (another great game from them) and released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Goonies 2 is the sequel to the Famicom game Goonies.  Although US and European gamers did not have the pleasure of playing the original game at home (The original was ported to the “VS Goonies” Arcade unit) im glad to say we had the sequel.

yo yo

The Goonies II is a platform game with first person elements to it.  Much like dungeon crawlers of the era the player can search, use and take items in the first person view to reveal secrets and characters useful for the game.


You play the role of Mikey and have to rescue your six Goonie pals that have been captured by….you guessed it the evil Fratelli’s family.  Not only this but Mikey must also rescue and free a mermaid called Annie (yep cant see this plot being in the film) Armed with a yo yo, you must travel through varied plat-forming levels to reach your goal.


Where the game excels is the simple game design and well thought out placement of game items.  You can upgrade and carry a primary and secondary weapon for Mikey.  Depending on how well you explore the world and how thorough you search the “first person view” screens, the game rewards you with better weaponry and abilities.  Mikey can find upgraded trainers to run faster and jump higher (some of these are needed for later parts of the game) and upgrades to carry more items.


To free your beloved Goonies you must find keys in which to unlock the cage they are trapped in.  This is completed in the “first person view”  Keys can be found by defeating certain enemies which drop them.  This can be tricky as the enemies do randomly appear in places on the screen.  A certain set of item and quest requirments are needed to complete the game and finally free Annie.  Talking to certain helpful characters in the game is important as they can give you hints to what you need to collect in order to progress through the game and sometimes even restore your health containers.  This is a much needed bonus as the clues sometimes can be cryptic and send you off around in circles


The game map is designed around Mikey’s house, caves, under water, bridge and other locations set in “Goon Town” (might be goon vile actually)  To move quickly through these areas you will find doors that are used to initiate the “first person view”  Again these can be item rooms, rescue rooms or a warp you to another part of the map.  Another nice touch is that the map is also split between front side and back side.  Meaning the puzzle element to the game really does get cryptic unless you use the map regularly to find out where you are.  For example i pick up and item that i want to use in the ground floor of Mikey’s house.  I enter a door and i am transported to the back of the house on the upper floor.  In this case id need to move to the lower part of the house and enter the door that would take me to the front of the house.


The game featured a password system which is a great idea considering the game can take a while to playthrough on your own.  A good idea would be to buddy up so your friend can keep note of key items in places so you dont forget where they are.  The game is very non linear so moving around the game is dependant on what your current objective is.  Ive still not finished the game myself but the many times i have played it i seem to go for different paths each time.  Maybe one of Stevenger to help with!  (i know how much you like paper maps!)


One last thing i have to mention is the game music.  Its great and manages to recreated the original Goonies tune titled “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” by Cyndi Lauper.  8Bit Goonies soundtrack….yes please 🙂  Have a listen here courtesy of “WiiGuy’s 8 Bit Stereo”


The Goonies II is a fantastic game for the NES.  I recommended anyone who owns a NES to track it down.  Ebay prices are good and if you dont own a NES im sure you can emulate it but there’s nothing like playing a game on its original platform.


Thank you for reading and please enjoy the rest of VGR2016.  Please add any comments below it would be great to hear your experiences of the game or any other recommended titles.



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