Another Beer #4: Bavaria 0.0%

Brewer: Bavaria

Name: Bavaria 0.0% Original (???)

Size: 330ml

ABV: 0.0%


Drinking Bavaria‘s “original” (fruitier flavours are available) imported non-alcoholic beer is an interesting experience. For one thing, I’m not at all a fan of 330ml bottles before you start, no good for proper quaffing! Drunk from the bottle it proves to be very malty, slightly fizzy and certainly more intriguing than the average lager. The aftertaste certainly has something recognisably beer-like about it, but the liberal use of the malt as a substitute for a taste of its own does drown out any distinctiveness up front.

Luckily for me, I’m rather partial to the flavour and have purchased it on several occasions. I’d not recommend to drink more than a few on their own (too dull), but it’s ideal as an in-between beverage or when winding-down at the end of the evening (you never really need that last one for the road). Much less fizzy than most soft drinks and closer in flavour to the beers, if not exactly a substitute.

The name is slightly ambiguous, the bottle has “0.0%” in large script emphasising that unlike some other alternatives it is fully alcohol-free. “Non-alcoholic beer” is the smallest thing listed on the front label. Marketing 101: give your product a clear (ideally googleable) name. Sheesh!

Currently available in larger Tesco stores as a 4-pack of 330ml for £2 (usual price £2.50).


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