Inbox Items – March 2016

Its Inbox Items time again and a chance (this time its a slightly quicker post Acidbearboy lol ) to share my retro finds for March.  March was a little quiet for me but means April will be very fruitful 🙂

Star Tropics and Star Tropics 2 – Zoda’s Revenge


Nice art work on the NES cart labels, strange decision on Star Tropics 2 end label though, “Zoda’s revenge” is printed.  Nnot that obvious in a row of many NES games

Both NTSC titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System (performed the Pin 4 lockout chip technique on my NES so its multi region)  Ive heard a load of great things about Star Tropics series (The two above that i know about) and decided to give them a try for myself.  I found a great deal on Ebay which i went for as finding these two is becoming harder to find these days.  StarTropics is a adventure RPG in which your character armed with his yo-yo sets off to  find his uncle on an exotic island.  Ive only had a limited amount of time on both games but so far, they are living up to the great press they received back in the day.  Visually and sound wise both games look and sound great with the original looking better in my opinion. Im sure i will be reviewing one of these in future

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker


Giant face appearing from behind a rainbow?….yes its the early 90s!

Picked this up originally for a birthday present (cough cough, naming no names here) but as the person in question already had said game…..well i decided to keep it.  Being very familiar with the 8 Bit Sega Master System version i hoping this is a great update for the 16 Bit platform.  The game is a side scrolling beat em up with the aim to guide Michael through the stages and saving the children.  Michael uses his hat as a projectile weapon and can use dance moves for melee combat.  The game features music and locations based on the film which work really well and are quite faithful to it.  A fun game from what i remember, so looking forward to playing this.

First Samurai


This guy is bad ass, looks like he can cut his way through them planets…nice cart label!

Many moons ago when i was a young “broke” gamer i always remember seeing first and second samurai on the Amiga.  I owned an Amiga 1200 but never saw the games in the shop.  Unless i took a chance by flicking through the list of mail order games from Amiga Format (great mag!!!!  miss you Amiga Format)  and spending my very little amount of cash on the game, i was never going to play it.  As it happened the Amiga was full of fantastic games (ahh the Amiga days 🙂 ) and i always spent my money on other titles until i saw this pop up on ebay for the Super Nintendo.  I had to take a chance and bury my curiosity for good!  Im so pleased ive finally got to play this little gem.  A side scrolling beat em up in which you guide a samurai through stages, slashing  and chopping down everything in his path.  Not only that you drink Sake to power up!!!!!!  Yes Stevenger, Sake makes you stronger!! 🙂  The level design, sprites and music are fantastic and suit the Super Nintendo perfectly.  If anyone is curious about the game and find it for under £10, buy it!


Thanks for reading and more retro reviews will be coming soon.  Please take a look and enjoy the rest of VGR2016

























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