VIRTUA RACING – megadrive


My dear Bro Retrolechuck kindly gifted me this monstrosity for my birthday


I owned it on Sega Saturn back in the day but always wondered what is the was like on the megadrive.

Firstly the cartridge is a beast, looks very similar in design to the 32x ones but bigger. Opening it up the first thing you notice is a heatsink on the chip.. Oh and what a chip, the SVP was built to combat the SNES FX chip. It blew it out of the water but came very late and we’ll in true Sega style mismanaged . I read that Daytona and Virtua Fighter was also planned, darn shame!  (more info) (video)

The game still looks impressive today considering how old the megadrive is and the frame rate never drops. You can even change view, no stutters, play 2 players, no stutters, beast! However the draw distance is poor but again it’s a mega!


There are only 3 stages but they are varied and the music/speech is ‘pleasant’, clear and not annoying so there is replay value here.


Worth picking up cheap as it was so expensive on release and nice to marvel at the megadrives Most technical game.


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  1. retrolechuck says:

    Sums up exactly how I felt about playing VR too. Great write up Da22

    Liked by 1 person

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