Transbot Boxart

I never had a Master System as a kid, but I do remember the simplistic artwork that adorned most of the game boxes. Personally, I’m not a fan, but I can appreciate that to some people they’re probably very nostalgic. Transbot is definitely a game whose cover I remember seeing in shops. It’s a terrible illustration. So who in their right mind would decide to use it instead of this lovely cover they had for the Japanese version?


Brazil had an uncropped version of the PAL cover – it was no better! Check it out


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  1. retrolechuck says:

    Totally agree Acidbearboy, the Japanese cover is amazing and actually gives you an idea of what the game is about


  2. Da22 says:

    I kinda like the simplistic approach, suited the time they were released in and yes, owning a master system may skew my thoughts on the matter. However I think we can all agree Japanese box art on many a system is much better!


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