Double Sega dragons

Along time ago in a retro man cave in the south of England two brave warriors dared to be tough enough to take on the street gangs to rescue a hot babe.

First off was double dragon on the megadrive, Accolade and Ballistic brought this conversion to the 16bit marvel. Complete with funny cartridge and cardboard box this was somewhat 4 years after the arcade. So I was expecting an exact port and we kinda got it, kind of.


Graphics are top notch, pretty much coin op perfect apart from Bolo being called Abobo and have a colour crisis. A few other colour differences in the characters exist, maybe this was down to the low on screen colour count.


Controls are good and all the moves are present, hit detection is either off slightly or the enemies are tougher.The music is all there and the title screen tune still gets me drawn straight in. It is a very mega drive sound palette though.

The game is incredibly easy even though the characters take a few more hits. I completed it on my own in about 40 minutes. Although saying that if you manage to trigger the final boss with his two henchmen in tow it can be INCREDIBLY frustrating.


On our mid week retro night myself and Retrolechuck smashed it in about the same time. The difference being that we had to fight each other to get the girl. Have they never heard of Bros before.. Eh em. 


So after that short game… What to do.. well of course we whipped out the master system version to compare. We had this as kids and remember it being tough! The conversion this time was in house, there’s a neat part where you get to lob a Sega branded box at your enemies. I actually prefer the character design is this more than the megadrive, the kick and Jump kick are far better.

The levels are mostly all there and seem more expansive than the arcade and megadrive, you can walk along way up and down certain sections. Visually it’s great, what you’d expect from an 8bit system, the sound is also perfectly acceptable.


One caveat on this version though is the last stage, unless you do 30 or so jump round house kicks than you are sh*t out of luck for continues. Super harsh in my opinion, basically if you don’t know the cheat the best way is to make sure you die at the end of stage 3 to get your full pelororah of lives. I must admit we only remembered this once we were halfway though with one life each, no surprise then we didn’t make the grade!

Out of the two versions I prefer the master system, it’s not got all the bells and whistles but there’s something very charming about it. Plus the pangs of nostalgia always sway my judgement.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. acidbearboy says:

    Will you be playing the nes version next? I remember that from my youth, and some shitty version loaded off a tape at a friends house.


    1. Da22 says:

      We did the NES version a while back, had some crazy basic controls.


  2. acidbearboy says:

    Fair do. Nothing showing in the double dragon tag, though I do vaguely remember it as I was going to write a post on the awesome soundtrack.


    1. Da22 says:

      Yeah no post, this was last year before vgr2016 was born


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