Ecco ecco ecco


It may just be me but 20 or so years on I still have no clue what to do in ecco the dolphin.

I remember being a kid thinking what’s the fuss all about. I enjoyed swimming around and flipping out of the water but I didn’t really get past that. There was little to no direction in the game, the dolphins you met seemed to help you out a little but then would just shut up shop and say no more. I didn’t have the manual either or the Internet as it wasn’t widely available so gave up.

Fast forward to my birthday and Retrolechuck kindly buys me the tides of time. I think let’s give it a whirl I’m a semi coherent adult now, ecco can’t purplex me surely.. Well let’s just say I got to the Crystal islands and spent 15 minutes swimming around aimlessly. My dolphin pal told me to look at a crystal which I did and then just kept saying ‘do it’.

Megadrive switched off!

So I’m still non the wiser about ecco but it is a nice looking game plus the music is chilled out and pleasant. The art style always reminded me of shadow of the beast, maybe it’s the font. When I get a quiet moment il crack the manual out and have a read but for now it’s on the shelf.

Anyone else confused about ecco? 

P.s. Look at his smug face on the cover, fishy git! 


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