Mini movie reviews April 2016

The Purge 5/10

Horror/thriller set entirely in the home of a well-off family during the government sanctioned annual 12 hours of legalised crime that the film takes its name from. Watchable, but full of silly decisions on the part of the family involved and lacking any real satisfying conclusion. You’re better off watching… 

The Purge 2: Anarchy 7/10

Ditching all connections to the first film apart from the purge night itself, this film follows a bunch of different people who are out in the city for various reasons. Featuring more of the city and a properly fleshed out back story with a stronger socio-political undercurrent, the film improves over the original in every aspect.

Vacancy 7/10

Not seen a good slasher flick for a while and this was a decent example of the genre. Focusing on a single couple rather than the usual bunch of teens gave it a nice change of pace, despite following the clichéd opening of a broken down car, no phone signal and a vacant motel with a creepy guy on the desk. The action was slow and steady but there was rarely a dull moment during the films quite short running time.

Hostage 7/10

Watched this on Now TV seeing as they didn’t have Die Hard. Thought it was still pretty decent having not seen it since its original release. One of Bruce’s best ever acting faces when he cries at the end.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Da22 says:

    Nice concise overviews, saw hostage at cinema, not bad, haven’t seen it in a while though, has it aged well?


  2. acidbearboy says:

    There’s a cringe worthy phone conversation between the young boy and Bruce Willis about pretending to play a videogame while sneaking about the house trying not to be caught. But otherwise there’s little to date the film.


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