Don’t Touch That Dial!

Tracklisting, we’re track listing….

Mostly for Retrolechuck‘s benefit, here’s what was on the CD I threw together for the recent catch-up. The eagle-eyed will note that I’ve posted links to several of these on VGR2016 before, which was kind of the point. Nothing obscure, most can be found on YouTube or for purchase, although I’ve linkified a couple of the non-obvious ones. Some have NSFW lyrics, notably the dick-punching one. Quelle surprise!

  1. Target Renegade (Level 1)Marsland [source]
  2. Street Fighter II ‘The Ken Song’ OCRemixjdproject [source]
  3. Punch Em In The DickJuicy Karkass [source]
  4. Megablast – Bomb The Bass
  5. Akuda House Propaganda – Cristophe Heral
  6. Civilization – The Andrews Sisters feat. Danny Kaye
  7. Train Of Consequences – Mellowdeth
  8. Buddha Finger – Reservoir Dogs
  9. Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich edit) – David Bowie
  10. Me! I Disconnect From You (live) – Gary Numan
  11. I Am Not Your Gameboy (album version) – Freezepop
  12. Dragula – Rob Zombie
  13. The Vampire Strikes Back – Die Krupps
  14. Creeping Death – Stone Sour
  15. Breaking The Law – Arch Enemy
  16. Tonight You Die – Grypt
  17. Seasons In The Abyss – Slayer
  18. Only – Anthrax
  19. A New Level – Pantera

As ever I’m getting playlist remorse just looking at that. It doesn’t help that I still habitually come up with enough songs to fit 45-47 mins per side of a tape, rather than an 80 minute CD. Living in the past is hard, yo.

I am not your DJ!


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  1. acidbearboy says:

    Still digging that Freezepop tune dude!


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