Clash of Clans


A year and a half of push notifications and it’s uninstalled!

So I had been playing clash of clans for a good steady while and to start off with it was a great little time waster. I love RTS games ever since I witnessed the majesty of Dune on the amiga. So this seemed like a good fit, lack of my time and a game on the phone I could dip into.

In the beginning the excitement of making my Base and levelling up was high. Single player missions were fun and battling for resources was fresh and new. Also my inner tightness to get builders without spending any real world bucks was intoxicating, bargain Hunter extreme! So the overall mechanics were fun and my Base was well established, I found myself a great clan with like minded folks.

All was fine with COC life but the constant push notifications and time related attacks started to tip the life game balance. Slowly the game was dictating when I should play and not the other way around. This started to grate and I found myself saying to my family/friends “give me a sec il be right with you” more often than I’d like.

The game also had become very stale, the balance between resources and cost of new things were out of wack. OK so I get that the company want you to pay to upgrade, they need to make money of course but still they could have been made a little easier to ascertain through progression. I found my self just monotonously doing the rinse repeat, rinse repeat scenario only to get my resources stolen from me. I wasn’t enjoying it, in fact the only reason I kept playing was because of the time I’d invested in my Base.

Now I must confess I do have boom beach installed and this isn’t a comparison piece but I’m still enjoying the game. Mainly this is due to my actual real life friends being involved and the lack of hold it has on my time. However as soon as it starts dictating when I should play it will go the same way as Clash.. settings, apps, uninstall!

Alot of mobile games I find are this way and it’s another reason why real consoles and games are not going anywhere I feel.


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  1. stevenger says:

    If it makes you feel any better, remember I spent best part of a decade replaying the same PvE content in Guild Wars over and over again. Without a pocket nag-machine to make me!

    Also, the only good RTS games are those so slow they might as well be turn-based 😛


    1. Da22 says:

      That’s true, the first guild wars was epic! Unit destroyed, silos ready… Ahhhhh fond memories


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